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Send your demo (Private SoundCloud Link) to:   

HotSenses Records is always looking for brand new music, please send us your tracks and remixes, please DO NOT send us your dj-mixes.
If we are into the music you sent us, we will contact YOU, no worries. If you have questions or ideas, do not hesitate and send us an email.

Please note: if you are interested in releasing your music on HotSenses Records send your demo TO US FIRST.

HotSenses Records is a concept that creates space for  up- and coming producers.
What can you expect? Quality releases with a focus on deep-house, tech-house, techno, future house, trance and progressive house with an international sound.

HotSenses Records was founded by Maarten Appelo & Rowan Frijhoff in 2010.  Emiel Roché the new owner since 2016, will continually search for talent and help them a way around the dance scene.

Emiel Roché / Labelmanager