Unleashed Sound System

Welcome to the Family  Unleashed Sound System

USS is the head resident DJ, sound director and programmer of UNLEASHED party. USS delivers an uplifting and energetic dance floor experience to each UNLEASHED party edition using elements of sound, light and visual art.

Unleashed party promotes a unique sound that focuses on energy levels and a limitless feeling rather than a specific musical genre in order to deliver you with a powerful dance experience.

USS brings you the music, sounds, glam culture and seductive electronic music, and blends it into one spectacular extravaganza that will make you UNLEASH your wild side!

In each event USS is hosting leading DJs from the club and fetish scene creating a lineup that blends the best of Techno, Minimal, Progressive, Electro and Industrial.

The mastermind behind the mighty sound of UNLEASHED party, the man that orchestrate your whole audio-visual experience in our every edition, Dror ZV Zeevi is here to show you the future of electronic dance.

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